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One Year Anniversary

episode 2

Population Stone

episode 3

It Smokes The Flood

episode 4

I Need To Win

episode 5

Break Away

episode 6

Aquarium Gun

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episode 9

Whale Hunter

episode 10

Boat Operator

episode 11

A Man From The Ivory Coast

episode 12

The Many-Colored Land

episode 13

We Are Elephants

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Tsar Bomba

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press release

Avoiding the standard industry template of album-tour-repeat, SFGW has been releasing music in a season format (borrowed from the world of television) since 2007 when they released 'Life as Promised in our Early Days (Season One)'.

One new single, every week, 15 weeks in a row - released for free in both MP3 and 24 bit uncompressed FLAC formats.

Not only is the format unique, but tons of features are surrounding the season experience. Some interactive - like the SFGW Code Game where you can win a lifetime VIP pass for all future SFGW concerts...and some immersive - like the ability to download every single cover as a wallpaper.

SFGW became the originators of this original format in 2007, and have abandoned any plans of conventional releases in the future.

Have fun!

The Code Game is an opportunity for the most hardcore SFGW fans to win a lifetime golden pass, giving you free entrance to any SFGW concert, anywhere in the world, for life.

It's very simple: figure out the 4-digit code and submit it to us. First one to figure out the code wins the golden pass. Clues can be found on this website, in our Twitter feed, on our single covers, etc.

More details will come soon!